The Varieties of olive trees that we sell are used for SUPER HIGH DENSITY ORCHARDS but can also be used for landscaping or smaller scale hand picked harvesting.

 Arbequina, Arbosano and Koreneiki varieties are traditionally used for oil production.  According to the leading California experts they are well adapted for planting and growing in a super high density, vineyard-like format and easily trained on trellises.

Arbequina: from Spain with a weeping shape. This variety has been the most widely planted variety in Spain for several years in super high density systems. Its oil is aromatic and fruity, it adapts well to dense planting because of its small size. Elliptical leaves are shiny dark green in color. Produces good quality oil. perfect for gourmet cooking, table olives, soap, soup and tea can be made from the leaves.


Arbosana : Is also from Spain. This variety has fruit that looks very much like Arbequina fruit but it matures about three weeks later and the foliage is slightly different in color. It also has a fruity flavor but is slightly more bitter than the Arbeqeina, also used for gourmet cooking, curing, soaps, soups and teas. Arbosana and Arbequina should only be picked by hand because machinery will damage the fruit .


Koroneiki: from Greece is also the primary oil variety of Greece. It has a small oval shaped fruit and the oil is green in color with a fruity flavor. It has a long shelf life of two or more years. Koroneiki can be machine harvested because its fruit is smaller and tougher with high yields. 


Coratina ( Also called Cima di Corato or Racioppo, the Coratina is of ancient origin.

It produces a yellow-green oil with a fruity, bitter taste but is also spicy. All these characteristics are because of the high concentration of oleuropein and polyphenols making it one of the highest oils in antioxidants. )

and Chiquitita is a new, patented and distinct Olea europaea cultivar that forms attractive black olives that have a high oil content also displays an ability to form an olive crop at an early age, perfect for high density planting.


There are many types of olive  trees, however, these 5 varieties are proven to grow and produce well in Florida or Zones 8 and 9. What Hardiness Zone are you you in? Better check http://www.crimson-sage.com/usda-zone-map.html