Flavoring or Infusing Olive Oil



Rule #1 Never use fresh garlic in your infused oil except if you plan to serve it right away.

Rule #2 Water must not come in contact with your herbs, container or your oil.

What's growing in your garden? Rosemary? Basil? Mint? Red Hot Peppers? Mmmmmmm.

Dry the herbs of choice making sure that they are completely dry.  You can hang them upside down  for a week or so or use a dehydrator.

Pick pretty bottles or containers that can be tightly sealed or corked. mason jars work great! Never use plastic.

Sterilize the containers by placing them in boiling water for 10 minutes, ensuring they're completely dried afterwards.

Add your dried herbs, typically 3 - 4 sprigs. You can also add salts, sea salt, garlic salt or other flavoring herbs like oregano or parsley, pepper corn ... add no more than 1/4 of your container with herbs, salts and spices.

 Using a sterile dry funnel top the herbs with extra virgin Arbequina, Arbosana or Koroneiki Olive Oil. Quality of oil matters. 

 Close or cork tightly allow to infuse in a dark cool place, for around a week or two.