Scedule A Workshop AND TOUR

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Schedule an afternoon on the Olive Grove for your group, school or club of 5 members or more tours  



Take a seat and enjoy our

 Private Seminar on "Growing Olive Trees in Florida" and "How Olive Oil is Processed?"


Then we take a stroll:

Around the Olive Orchard and see if you can identify the tree varieties that you learned about. Enjoy the blossoms or fruit.


Oil Tasting and Grading:

 Sample several varieties of high quality extra virgin olive oil - Arbequina, Arbosana, Coriatina, Mission, Frantoio, Savillano and Koroneiki olive oils with freshly baked bread.


Critique our olive oil using your senses along with score cards.


Have a hot cup of  Olive Leaf  Tea, it has many health benefits: Hand picked fresh from our organic trees and brewed at the Olive Grove.


Choose one of our Workshops:



Call 352-345-5940 or email: to schedule a visit.


Do it yourself




Schedule A Workshop


 Make an Ancient Style Clay Olive Oil Lamp, burns olive oil. $5.00 ( Groups of 15 or more)


Create,  Glaze and Fire Pottery Workshop

$35.00 per person.

(groupd of 5 or more)

 or choose one of our other workshops, priced below.

Living Wreath Workshop- Learn to make a living wreath for your door or table top. Be creative with the flowers, seeds and herbs that will continue to grow into a beautiful show piece.  All inclusive $20.00

Living Wreath Workshop

Soap Making and Essiential Oils - Learn the ancient art of Castile soap making and essential oils to to your soaps for a natural scent and/or medicinal purposes.  Soap are made using the cold cure method the old fashioned way with anly all natural ingredients and no animal products.

Choose from a varity of herbs, leaves, fruit, flowers: Lavender, Olive Leaf, Fresh Mint Olive, Honey, Sea Salt and more. Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Lye. You go home with your own all natural brick of soap and mold. Makes 12+ bars all inclusive $45.00.

Infusing Olive Oil

Workshop - Learn how to safely infuse olive oil to make delicious and healthy bread dips, and salad dressings or seasonings. All inclusive $15.00

Making Essential Oils, Extracts and Waters from organic herbs and medicinal plants   Used for health, rubs, teas and soaps.  Learn about the health benefits of a variety of herbs and plants make and take 4 oz bottle 25.00

Make an Olive Tree Bonsai:  You'll enjoy training and grooming your tree as it becomes a miniature living work of art.  All inclusive $35.00

Making Mosaic Pots

Workshop - Learn the ancient art of mosaics make a decorative mosaic flower pot, includes an olive tree.  All inclusive $25.00