Choose a small sapling olive tree that has a trunk that is wider at the base than it is at the top. It should also have a lot of branches and small leaves.

Cover the bottom of the container with mesh. Cut 18 inches of wire and thread it through two opposite drainage holes. This will be used to anchor the tree. Add a layer of fine stones on the bottom of the container and spread it evenly.

Remove the tree from its existing container. Cut away any long or thick roots. Add a small amount of soil on the bottom of the container, shape it like a mound and place the tree firmly on top.

 Cover the soil with a layer of fine stones.

Immerse the container in the water until the air has all bubbled out. Let drain. Water or mist the tree, making sure it doesn't dry out between watering.

Prune your tree often and the leaves will grow small and plentiful. Olive trees love to be pruned.

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