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 Olive Grove


The Olive Grove


Is an organic olive tree orchard,  located in Brookvsille, FL, with over 300 traditionally spaced olive trees of 7 different varieties. (Traditional spacing means, 18’- 20’ feet apart).   Among our olive grove are the ARBEQUINA, MANZANILLA and ARBOSANA (Spanish Varieties), The KORONEIKI (Greek Variety), CORATINA AND FRANTOIO (Italian Varieties) AND The Chiquitita, (a cross between the Arbequina and Picual olive trees).


The Coratina variety is also known as the CIMA DI CORATO or RACIOPPO and is of ancient origin. New to Florida, it produces a fruity bitter taste but is also spicy and delicious.


The Olive Grove sells and produces fresh pressed extra virgin olive oil, fresh cured and stuffed olives, raw olives, olive leaf tea and olive leaf powder, Olive oil soap (CASTILE), olive wood and other olive products.  


Our oil is from organically grown olive trees frown in our grove and other Florida growers, California Texas and Arizona organic growers as well.


Stop by and sample some of our extra virgin oil single variety ARBEQUINA, ARBOSANA,  KORONEIKI, FRANTOIO and CORATINA AND SAVILLANO OLIVE OIL.  Also try our naturally infused olive oil and specialty  vinegars.


We sell the ARBEQUINA, ARBOSANA, KORONEIKI, CORATINA, FRANTOIO AND CHIQUITITA olive tree varieties.  All of which will produce fruit in 2 -3 years with proper care.

Infuse Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Our All Natural & Organic Garden Grown Fresh Spices and Herbs.